The Best Summer Hair Colors to Try Right Now

Caramel Blonde Glow

Elevate your dirty blonde or bronde locks with gold, honey, and caramel balayage for a radiant, easy-to-maintain look. Who needs a spray tan when your hair shines like this?

Toffee Brown Elegance

Deepen a brown base with subtle toffee and caramel highlights for a sun-kissed effect that enhances corkscrew curls beautifully.

Gilded Cocoa Charm

Dip chocolate brown curls into honey or gold for a stunning shade that catches the light like blonde, while keeping true to your brunette roots.

Radiant Bright Copper

Embrace bright red hair instead of sunburn with gold-flecked copper, perfect for summer and always vibrant for redheads.

Beachy Caramel Mocha

Achieve a beach-ready look with natural caramel highlights on rich chocolate brown hair, giving off those sun-kissed vibes effortlessly.

Sparkling Pearl Blonde

Cool pearl blonde against a buttery backdrop creates a champagne effect, perfect for celebrating the start of summer.

Lustrous Cool Raven

Protect your tresses from sun and saltwater with a glossy topcoat boasting raven-blue undertones, leaving dark hair enviably lush and natural-looking.

Sweet Peach Delight

Rock an orange-pink peach shade, complementing light blonde locks and offering the perfect excuse to match your hair with a peachy makeup look.