The Low-Maintenance Herb That'll Help Your Peonies Thrive

Peonies, as "perennials," have a lifespan exceeding two years. They bloom from spring to autumn, regenerating from their rootstock each spring. 

Peonies: Season

Native to Europe and Asia, peonies are now sold worldwide. In China, known as "sho yu" or "most beautiful," they've grown for over a thousand years. 

Peonies: Geographical Location

Woody branches lead to flexible stalks bearing single or double blooms in various colors.

Tree Peony

Popular during the Edwardian era, featuring single, double, and petaloid center varieties.

Paeonia Lactiflora

Combining herbaceous and tree peonies, producing unique varieties like "Bartzella."

Intersectional Hybrids

Herbaceous perennial with broad, bluish-green leaves and lemon-yellow bowl-shaped blooms.

Paeonia Mlokosewitschii

Known as "Molly the Witch," with grey-green leaves and lemon-colored flowers.

Paeonia Officinalis

Peonies offer a rainbow of hues, including pink, red, orange, yellow, and white. Some, like "Command Performance," change color as they bloom, with fiery pink petals gradually turning pastel pink.

Peonies: Color