The Top 8 Fade Haircuts For Men

A bald fade, also known as a skin fade, cuts the hair down to the scalp, creating a dramatic, sharp look. 

Bald Fade or Skin Fade

The temple fade, or temp fade, popularized in the 1990s, opens up the face by fading the hair around the temples and ears. 

 Temple Fade

Slightly longer than a skin fade, a short fade features closely cropped sides that go almost to the skin, with longer hair.

Short Fade

The low fade shapes the hair around the ears and back of the head without a dramatic cut, making it a lower-maintenance.

Low Fade

A mid fade starts at the temples, providing gradual definition and depth. This versatile style works on all hair lengths.

Mid Fade

A high fade is high-maintenance but popular for its stylish look. It works well with short hair, but you can pair it with longer hair for added drama. 

High Fade

Fade haircuts are suitable for all ages, including boys. The key consideration is the level of upkeep required to keep the look sharp.

Fade Boys Haircut

Fade haircuts are excellent for curly or wavy hair, making the most of the hair's natural texture. Discuss your hair.

Curly Hair Fade