The Top 8 Most Expensive States To Live In


With a median sold price of $713,199, Hawaii's breathtaking beauty comes at a price, driven by high demand for limited land and the cost of shipping consumer goods and food across the islands.


Boasting a median sold price of $737,123, California's economic vibrancy is counterbalanced by soaring costs of living, including high expenses such as electricity rates among the nation's highest.


Despite a median sold price of $365,000, Alaska's vastness and natural beauty come with a hefty price tag, with high grocery costs and the highest healthcare expenses in the U.S. due to remote shipping.


With a median sold price of $522,870, Massachusetts faces steep expenses across various aspects of daily life, including a low supply of single-family homes and high energy costs.


Oregon's median sold price of $457,735 is accompanied by limited housing supply, high property tax rates, and above-average healthcare expenses, despite its natural beauty attracting residents and tourists alike.

New Hampshire:

Despite its median sold price of $363,106, New Hampshire's scenic landscapes and favorable tax policies are offset by high electricity rates, property taxes, and housing scarcity driven by limited supply and high demand.


With a median sold price of $306,433, Vermont's rural charm and natural beauty are accompanied by a high cost of living driven by wealthy vacationers, limited infrastructure, and housing scarcity.


Despite a median sold price of $532,276, Washington's economic growth fueled by the tech industry has made its housing market one of the most expensive in the country, with zoning restrictions and population growth contributing to high real estate