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The View' Hosts Applaud Hunter Biden Verdict and No-Pardon Decision by Dad

On "The View," hosts praised the momentous conviction of Hunter Biden and President Joe Biden's decision not to pardon his son.

Hunter Biden faced a dramatic trial, charged with federal felonies for unlawfully purchasing a firearm without disclosing drug use.

Prior to the conviction, President Biden had unequivocally ruled out any possibility of pardoning his son.

Joy Behar passionately supported the president's decision, emphasizing his commitment to democracy and the rule of law.

The courtroom drama and President Biden's resolute stance have sparked widespread debate and attention across the country.

Host Sunny Hostin acknowledged the complexity of the case, highlighting that despite political undertones, the verdict reflects accountability under the law.

Looking forward, Hostin suggested the conviction might influence Hunter Biden's upcoming tax fraud trial in California.

Host Alyssa Farah Griffin speculated that Hunter Biden's conviction might not significantly impact his father's political campaign, noting public sympathy towards individuals grappling with addiction and contrasting.