These 10 Pets Are the Best Swimmers

Have you ever given your dog a bath? Some breeds love to be in the water and others do not. Nevertheless, dogs are very good swimmers and many.


Cats don't really like to swim, but contrary to popular opinion, they are in fact, amazing swimmers. They can glide in the water very easily.


This one is a no-brainer. Fish need to live in water to survive, so it’s a safe bet that they are wonderful swimmers.


Some snakes are not water snakes, but they are capable of being in water and can be excellent swimmers.


Ferrets are interesting creatures and sometimes they like to play dead. There are plenty of other things that ferrets love doing.


Bearded dragons are an odd pet to have and sometimes they don't get the opportunity to swim, especially if they are a pet.

Bearded Dragons

Spiders are some of the most fantastic swimmers on the planet. Sometimes they can't get out of the water, but they are very good.


As we all know, turtles are creatures that love the water. They are capable of being in the water for a lot of time. If you have a turtle.


Some birds are great swimmers and others aren't that good. However, it is always known that if you have a bird bath, your bird.


Frogs are excellent swimmers and in their natural habitat, they usually live by water. As pets, sometimes they may not be in wate.