These Are The Biggest Horses in the World

Russian Heavy

Developed in 1952, this breed is known for short legs and traction, ideal for pulling wagons. It stands 58 inches tall and weighs around 1,420 pounds.

Vladimir Draft Horse

Originating in 1946, this breed excels in pulling sleighs through snow. Standing at 58 inches and weighing approximately 1,580 pounds, it's recognized for its powerful build.

Dutch Draft

Bred post-World War I, Dutch Draft horses stand 62 inches tall and weigh 1,500 pounds. They come in various colors and are versatile in farming and show arenas.

Comtois Horse

Hailing from the Jura Mountains, Comtois horses boast muscular hindquarters and stand 60 inches tall. Weighing about 1,580 pounds, they're known for their silverish tint and robust build.

American Cream

Developed in the 1850s, the American Cream is solely cream or palomino in color. Standing 62 inches tall, these horses weigh between 1,600 to 2,000 pounds.

 Irish Draught

Ireland's Irish Draught, bred in the 18th century, stands 64 inches tall and weighs over 1,400 pounds. It's known for farm work and riding, coming in various colors.


Originating from France, the Boulonnais stands 64 inches tall and weighs around 1,320 pounds. It's prized for its temperament and adaptability, with a rich history dating back to the Crusades.


Developed in England, Suffolk horses stand 66 inches tall and weigh 1,800 pounds. They are chestnut in color and renowned for powerful rear legs, ideal for farm work.