These Front Door Plants Make for the Prettiest Entrance to Your Home

American Boxwood Shrub

Boxwoods by your door look classy & need little care. They're dense & versatile, great for any entrance or patio. Add pansies or petunias for extra charm.

Hibiscus Tree

Add a bright red hibiscus tree to your garden pot for a striking contrast. Trim branches in late spring for larger, vibrant flowers.

Polka Dot Begonia

This cool plant is super popular! Its heart-shaped leaves are red underneath and have cool spots. It's great indoors but also loves warm places.


This flower bush is a classic for summer. You can plant it in the ground or in big pots on your porch. Choose a color that matches your home!


Petunias are colorful flowers that make us happy. We like the yellow ones because they bring a cheerful greeting.

Olive Tree

Olive trees grow well in small pots and can later be planted in the ground. Use a terra cotta pot. They're good for doorways and open spaces. They come in fruiting and non-fruiting types, so you can pick what suits you.


Lots of colorful coleus plants available, from bright neons to deep shades, so everyone can find their favorite.

Foxtail Fern

Foxtail ferns are great for porches. They look like fox tails and thrive in covered areas. With care, they can last for years.