Top 10 Freshwater Fish In America

Alligator gar, a prehistoric giant, can reach over 8 feet in length and 300 pounds. Found in the bayous and muddy rivers of rural America,

Alligator Gar

North America's heavyweight champion, white sturgeon can grow over 10 feet long and weigh hundreds of pounds.

White Sturgeon

Known as the "fish of 10,000 casts," muskies are solitary predators that challenge anglers with their elusive nature and formidable size.


Native to the eastern U.S., wild brook trout symbolize American wilderness. Pursuing these pristine fish takes anglers to remote

Brook Trout

Often overlooked, buffalo fish can grow over 70 pounds and offer a thrilling challenge similar to carp fishing.


Despite being non-native, snakeheads have established themselves as fierce game fish. Anglers are drawn to their aggressive nature


Thriving in Florida's warm waters, peacock bass offer anglers a taste of exotic fishing without leaving the U.S. Their vibrant colors and powerful fights

Peacock Bass

Known for its predatory behavior and preference for cover, the flathead catfish challenges anglers with its elusive nature and potential to grow over 100 pounds.

Flathead Catfish

Often underrated, bowfin are fierce fighters that lurk in weedy waters. They appeal to anglers looking for a tough battle and a unique fishing experience.


Though technically a trout, steelhead behave like salmon, migrating from oceans to spawn in freshwater.