Top 7 States With The Most Moose

Utah has around 2,500 moose. These magnificent creatures roam the mountains and forests, mostly keeping to themselves. They are commonly found in areas like the Wasatch Range.


These moose wander through the woods and mountains and are a common sight in the Northeast Kingdom, attracting wildlife enthusiasts.


They are often seen in the Rocky Mountain National Park, enjoying the cool, high-altitude areas. Visitors to the park frequently spot these majestic animals.


They predominantly live in the northern parts of the state. The Great North Woods region is an excellent place to see them, especially during early mornings or late evenings.

New Hampshire

The Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are prime moose habitats. They thrive in these protected areas, where visitors can often spot them.


Most of them live in the northeastern part of the state. The Superior National Forest is a moose haven, offering ample opportunities for wildlife viewing.


They are often seen in the northeastern regions, particularly in the Colville National Forest. This area is a popular spot for moose sightings.