Top 9 Best Animals You Can Keep as Pets

Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs were tamed in Peru 3,000 years ago for food. Later, they became pets. There are 13 recognized breeds, like the Abyssinian and Texel.

Betta Fish

Fish make great pets, needing only food and tank cleaning. Betta fish, colorful and easy to find, can live with other fish, but not male bettas together. Females or other aquatic pals are okay!

Leopard Gecko

6 million American families have pet reptiles. Leopard geckos are popular among reptile fans because they're cute, small (7-10 inches), and have adorable spots.

Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are great pets. They're cool-looking lizards with colorful scales and spiky beards. They're friendly, like to be held, and love exploring. They eat bugs and veggies every day.


Cats are the USA's second favorite pets. About 46.5 million homes have a cat. They're loving animals, but need a clean litter box. They do cute things like purring and sitting in squares.


"Dogs are popular pets in the U.S. Many households have them. They're smart, loving, but need time & training to be happy and safe companions."


Thousands of years ago, people raised rabbits for food. Now, rabbits are popular pets. They all come from European rabbits. Pet rabbits live longer indoors. They're social and smart, like being part of the family, and can learn to use a litter box.


Hamsters are adorable! They have soft fur and cute cheeks. The Syrian golden hamster is the most popular pet. There are lots of different kinds with different colors.


Rats, though often seen as pests, can be smart pets. The domesticated brown rat, or fancy rat, is a popular choice. They're smaller and friendlier than wild rats, coming in many colors.