Top Exercises for Stronger Triceps

Classic (or Modified) Push-Up

Place your wrists squarely under your shoulders and your knees squarely under your hips as you lie on your hands and knees on the ground. Raise your knees off the floor and straighten your legs so that your torso is in a single, long line from your feet to your head.

Tricep Dips

With your feet flat on the ground and your hands on the seat next to you, take a seat on a chair or bench. When your arms are at a 90-degree angle, drop your body toward the floor after lifting your butt off the chair. Return to the starting position by pushing yourself up, then repeat.

Tricep Press Downs

Holding a resistance band in your right hand, place your right arm against your chest and your right hand in front of your left shoulder. Encircle your left hand with the remaining end of the band. Maintain tension in the band by starting with your left arm nearly at a 90-degree angle.

Tricep Extensions

Dumbbells in each hand, either sit or stand. Bend your elbows and lower the dumbbells behind your head while extending your arms straight overhead. (Hold one weight between both hands if holding a weight in each hand is too challenging.) Repeat by extending your arms back straight overhead to the beginning position.

Skull Crusher

Position yourself on the ground, knees bent, and feet flat on the ground. Elevate your arms above your chest while holding a dumbbell in each hand. Your wrists and shoulders should be squarely above each other, with your palms facing each other. Lean your arms down to the sides of your head while keeping your elbows in place.

Narrow Chest Press

Position yourself on the ground, knees bent, and feet flat on the ground. As you raise your arms above your chest, place a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing each other, and place your wrists exactly above your shoulders. Weights should be brought to touch.