Treat Your Houseplants With These Summer Care Tips

Double-check your routine

Over the past few months, there has undoubtedly been a significant change in your care regimen! Plants react to their surroundings in a natural way. The days get longer than they do every year as the summer equinox draws closer.

Cut back plants

If your once-tame plant went crazy during a spring growth spurt, it may be time to trim it back! Plant pruning, sometimes referred to as cutting back, has several advantages.


In order for plants to flourish, fertilization is required. This is particularly crucial when growth is vigorous because the potting mix can lose vital nutrients during this time.

Scout for problems

Pests and disease are inextricably linked to caring for houseplants, whether you like it or not. If you are a little more vigilant, you may be able to identify issues early on. In the end, this will result in quicker and more efficient problem-solving.

Consider putting plants outdoors

One surprisingly effective way to encourage some seriously impressive growth is to let your houseplants summer outside. Most houseplants prefer warm weather with high humidity levels! You'll be rewarded with a phenomenal growth spurt.