Unique and Creative Dog House Designs: 7 Tips

A Home of His Own

Discover DIY dog house ideas from simple pallet models to elaborate A-frames. Choose a design that fits your budget and enhances your pup's comfort.

Include a Roof Deck

Elevate your dog's space with a dog house featuring a roof deck. Ideal for sunbathing and keeping an eye on family activities, it offers both privacy and a view.

Alfresco Siding

Opt for an open-air dog house enclosure for safe relaxation outdoors. Perfect for large breeds or multi-dog homes, providing space and peace of mind.


Combine the best of both worlds with an indoor/outdoor dog house design. Give your dog shelter from the elements and a front porch to lounge in comfort.

Pitch a Tent

Give your dog shade and comfort on the go with a portable pet tent. Lightweight and versatile, it's perfect for outings to the park or beach.

Two Openings/Double Wide

Choose a spacious dog house for two, with optional divided interiors for multiple dogs. Includes a porch for lounging and customizable door options.


Provide your dog with a cozy indoor retreat in a stylish teepee. Perfect for creating a private space indoors or offering shade outdoors.

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