You Absolutely Need These 8 Beautiful Flowers in Your Garden

Bearded Iris

With over 7,000 registered varieties, bearded irises are striking perennials characterized by sword-like foliage and colorful flowers. They thrive in full sun and add beauty to any garden.


Known for their intricate and interesting blooms, columbines bloom in early to mid-spring. They prefer morning sun and some afternoon shade in hot climates, making them a lovely


These bold, sunny-faced flowers come in various colors and sizes, ranging from a foot to 15 feet tall. Plant them in full sun for optimal growth and enjoy their vibrant blooms throughout the season.

Sweet Pea

A favorite for cottage-style gardens, sweet peas are annual vines that add charm as they climb up trellises or obelisks. Plant them in early spring for a fragrant display, they receive sun.


Dahlias are magnificent flowers available in a wide range of forms and colors. Plant their tubers in spring after the last frost for a dazzling display in full sun, and remember to dig up the bulbs.


With rounded leaves and colorful flowers, nasturtiums are ideal for window boxes or walls. These annuals bloom in various shades and are edible, adding a spicy kick to salads. Plant them in full sun.


Offering lush and exuberant flowers in late spring, peonies thrive in full sun and are available in many varieties, some with a strong scent. Ants may visit for nectar but won't harm the plant.


Known for their strong, sweet scent, hyacinths signify the arrival of spring. Plant bulbs in full sun in the fall for beautiful flowers the following spring, making them a good choice for gardens.